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What Others Are Saying

I listened to all my tapes once again and you are an amazing person!!! I am so lucky to have been brought to you. I am beginning to understand the heart space and my fear space. You are an amazing person dear Trish with a gift to treasure and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. You have helped me and my kids more than you will ever know!! - Denise

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Angelic Readings

millcreek-monarchThese are one-on-one sessions that give you the opportunity to communicate directly with your Soul, your Angels, and your Guides. With my gift of Conscious Channeling and the help of Archangel Michael we can pinpoint exactly where in your life you may be having difficulty and what you can do to move forward through it. You will experience how to re-discover and open up your own heart space and explore the power of your own intuition and guidance as a tool to bring Love and joy into your life.

The sessions are very personal and deeply profound, and bring forward any messages your Angels and Guides have for you. You are encouraged to ask questions related to any subject (relationships, finances, career, health, etc.). You will also find that your Soul, Angels and Guides will provide you with whatever information is necessary for you to have at that time.

Deceased loved ones are often contacted and communicated with. Although many relatives and friends that have previously crossed over appear automatically, if you have a specific loved one you wish to communicate with I can connect you directly to them.


Coaching sessions help the client to a better understanding of the cause of their 'fears' and how it operates in their daily lives. The client is then taught specific techniques to use in order to transform the fear energy into creative and positive expression. This helps the client to move into a space of True Self and release the negative belief. Information received from their Angels and Guides is integrated into their daily life so that profound changes can be easily experienced in all areas.

Each individual can expect to achieve a greater level of awareness, wholeness, and personal growth. As a result you will be able to resolve lifetimes of old patterns and issues that still block you today. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been traveling it for lifetimes, this wisdom will accelerate your ability to expand emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I am here for you as you learn to tap into your own Inner Guidance, allowing yourself to open your heart and mind to the joys of a balanced, harmonious and conscious life.

Each session is specific only to the person Trish is working with at the time.

Coaching sessions and Angelic Readings are generally one hour long, though we will work together to find a structure that suits your needs. They can be performed in person as well as over the telephone, and are recorded for future use by the client.

Animal Communicating

As an Animal Communicator, Trish connects on the deepest level with the animal, and then with the animal’s handler (or human).


Connecting with the animal through psychic attunement allows for the following:

- Understanding the animal’s needs, concerns and desires.

- Recognize the behaviors associated with the different emotional states.

- Resolve behavioral issues

- Enhance instinctual natural behavior patterns

- Allows for physical and emotional healing

- Create unity between animal and human

- Improve the wellbeing of the animal and human


For horses specifically, internal communication provides a safe and effective way to identify any behavior issues that impede the horses training and connection with rider.


It also offers a place for the horse and rider to join in unity without the use of a verbal language. This enhances the rider’s ability to recognize any behavioral or physical signs of fear coming from the horse. Even the tiniest change in the horse’s posture can be felt by the rider (physically and emotionally) allowing them to make the necessary corrections for the horse. It improves the rider’s understanding of why their horse is or isn’t behaving in a particular way.


In essence, it creates a gentle, easy and effective communication between horseman and horse.

Sessions include:

- Initial introductory session with horse to determine base line posture

- Expanded session with horse to clear and correct underlying issues

- Initial introductory session with rider/handler

- Expanded session with horse and rider/handler

- If desired, in-depth session with rider/handler and horse to deepen the connection or unity even further.



As a fully ordained Interfaith Minister, one's of Trish's other passion is to offer spiritual support for the most important rites of passage within our lives - Baby Blessing/Naming, Weddings, End-of-Life and other momentus occassions that call for reflection and celebration. As an Interfaith Minister Trish is well versed in all traditions as well as assisting you in creating a ceremony that suits your beliefs/spiritual needs.

To check her availability for any of those services or for any further information please call Trish at (801) 918-6213 or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mindful Living/Conscious Dying

As a Hospice Chaplain, Trish has had the opportunity to companion those who are at end-of-life. Conscious dying is the process of utilizing the dying process as an opportunity to become more present and loving, an opportunity for profound healing, for spiritual awakening. Eastern traditions such as Hinduism and particularly Buddhism, as well as shamanic traditions, have explicit teachings that guide the dying to a conscious and graceful death.

Mindful living, if practiced through our life, will bring us through a conscious death. However, most of us find that being present in the dying process is the only time we have to become conscious. Trish has walked with hundreds of people through their process - and even on the 'other side' with them - as they are transitioning. As a guide she is able to companion them through fears, doubts and uncertainty allowing for a peaceful, profound and conscious death. She believes strongly that it is our birthright to have a peaceful and dignified death experience.

If you would like more information on this service, or if you would like to schedule a consultation please call Trish at (801) 918-6213 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


One level of you knows everything there is to know, and the Art of Channeling Workshop is geared specifically to teach you how to reach into that space. This workshop teaches you specific techniques so that you can clearly receive and understand your own Inner Guidance and live a mindful, conscious life.

It is my passion, my purpose, to guide people back into their own Souls so that they do not have to depend on someone else for information, guidance or answers. It puts the power back in their own hands.

Workshops are offered periodically. Please check the calendar for specific dates and locations.

This workshop is also offered as a one-on-one, personal class. Call for an appointment.

Centering Group

As our Souls navigate this ever changing world it is essential to have a place to return to when we seemingly fall off the proverbial bike. A place where we can go to practice centering techniques so that when a situation arises that pulls off balance, we are ready to step into it from a more balanced perspective. The Centering Group is offered at my home in Salt Lake City, UT. It is a space where anyone can come to re-center, breathe, and support the expansion of self and others.

The support of other like minded Souls is crucial and this group is here for that specific purpose, whether you are reaching out for support or would like to be support for others.

Please call Trish with questions, (801) 918-6213.

This group is offered at no charge and no registration is required. I look forward to connecting with you all!