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Peace has found its place in my life. I thank God daily for sending you to me and I thank you for sharing your Gift with the world. - Sheila

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Do sessions have to be done in person?

horseNo, sessions can be done over the telephone as well as in person. Because Trish connects with a client's energy, it does not matter if the client is in front of Trish or half way around the world. Like her in-person session, Trish is able to record the telephone session and then mail the recording to the client.

Can I communicate with a specific deceased loved one or is it only with those that choose to show up during the session?

Clients are able to communicate with whom ever they want. It is not simply about who shows up during the session. Trish has the unique ability to connect with specific loved ones giving her clients the exceptional opportunity to ask and receive personal messages.

Are Trish's sessions appropriate for children, teenagers and adults?

Absolutely. Trish is here to assist everyone, no matter what their age. Fears and blockages occur at all ages. In fact, it's much easier to release fears and blockages at an early age than it is at an older age. Trish has clients of all ages ranging from 8 all the way up to 79. It is not only safe for everyone, but she encourages everyone to tap into their connection with Source early in lifeā€¦the earlier the better.

How can I schedule a session with Trish?

For information on how to schedule an appointment with Trish, please refer to the Contact page of this web site.

Where does religion come into play?

Trish's work is non-denominational. She respects the rights of others to worship (or not worship) in which ever form they prefer. Her work is about spirituality, not religion. She likes to say that her work focuses on relationship with self, the one that occurs in the inner temple of the Soul.

Is Withus your real name?

Yes, it is her real name, given to her at birth. As a child she hated it though because she was constantly teased. She has come to learn that connection with family is very important and says now that she could never imagine it being anything else.